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Gustitos Bakery Café relies on its 30 plus years of family history in the bakery business in Peru. During such time, Gustitos ownership and/or family members have owned different businesses in Peru, including: Mar Pacifico Bakery, Mar Pacifico Ice Cream Shop, Mar Pacifico Rotisserie Chicken and a liquor store.

Oscar Torres, one of the creators of "GUSTITOS", bakery | Peruvian pastry shop that opened its doors in 2012 in the beautiful city of Naples, Fl shares his trajectory in the field and will tell us a little about the Torres family path to success.

Son of business parents Julia and Francisco Torres, he was born in Callao, Peru on September 2, 1942. Already in his youth, he began a banking career at the BCP for 25 years after studying at UNMSM and in 1985 he decided to open his first business (liquor store). However, after visiting different gastronomic fairs and given the opportunity, he decided to choose a new path to start in his true vocation, Baking industry. In 1986 he began his studies at Senati School in Lima, Peru.

It is in Lima where he finally decides to undertake his new concept, exactly in "San Bartolo". In 1987 he started his way at the bakery | pastry shop in San Bartolo, where it became a very known bakery in the south along with a liquor store also opened by the Torres family located in the same city. He then decides to bet on two more businesses, ice cream shop and rotisserie chicken with his wife Rosario Giusti.

Together, in 2000 they traveled to the United States and 12 years later they open what is now one of the most popular bakeries in town "Gustitos Bakery", this time next to 2 of his 5 children Gonzalo Torres & Rodrigo Torres. In 2012 Gustitos Bakery was born, a new proposal for Pastry | Cafe that fuses the best Peruvian sandwiches with desserts and designed cakes,located in Naples, FL. In 2018, Gustitos Bakery positioned itself as one of the best-known pastry shops in the area with a high demand of cakes designed per month and with great acceptance in the area and visitors from other cities. “Every day that passes we feel that this has only just begun. We have different plans and proposals for expansion and wishes to always provide the best to our clients, Torres Family. "

With faith, perseverance, patience, and hard work, you are doomed for success.


“Gustitos” was born in Lima, Peru. He came to the United States in 2000 with great desire to grow and spread his love and affection with everyone in the baking industry. Gustitos is a person who has many dreams to fulfill next to his family and all his customers. Gustitos is a very hard-working, persevering person, full of faith and positivism who never gives up. He appreciates his customers very much and there is nothing better to him than seeing everyone smile. Gustitos feels eternally grateful to all the people who supported him from day one in Naples, Fl. Thanks to you "Gustitos" is who he is and will continue to work hard to keep providing the best service and product his customers deserve.





Gustitos Peruvian Bakery & Cafe

Naples, Florida (Established 2012)

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